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From their first sugar crop in 1998, Anel (Bolo) Flores and his family have supported food banks and homeless shelters. As CIRCA Sugar expands to the United States, this commitment will be extended to the local markets served by CIRCA nationwide, with a portion of sales to be donated to community-based non-profit organizations serving those in need across the U.S.

“Just as our sugar literally sweetens a wide variety of foods and beverages, so too will it figuratively sweeten the lives of those in need who live in the communities where our products are enjoyed,” added Bolo Flores. “Giving back has always been a core value of our family and our company—and it’s a tradition we bring with us as we grow in the United States.”


Food Bank Charity Program

We are all one large family under the sun. This is why the families behind Circa Raw Cane Sugar have supported food banks and homeless shelters for decades. In forging ahead with Circa, we are committed to contributing a portion of our profits to expand our footprint of supporting food banks and homeless shelters. As you become a Circa Raw Cane Sugar client, your purchase contributes to making other families get a proper meal and shelter. Look for news on our progress and let us know if you want to get involved in our charity work.​

Family owned & operated since 1998.
Twenty year commitment to food banks, homeless shelters & education

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